Tips and Tricks

How make the cover page cover the whole page canvas

  1. Prepare Cover Page document:
    1. Create MS Word document (we have used Office 2010);
    2. Set all margins in the word document to 0 (zero), yes the top, bottom, left and right margins should be 0 (zero);
    3. Add the image to the page;
    4. Set the image size and the position so it covers the whole page canvas.
      In our case we had Letter size page with image width set to 8.61 inches and height 11.16 inches;
    5. Preview the page printout to make sure that it looks the way you want it to;
    6. Save your cover page template file;
  2. Configure file.
    1. Navigate to the Section that contains cover page metadata; 
    2. Set the following attributes:
      1. PageBreakAfter="true"
      2. CoverPage="true"
      3. TopMargin="0"
      4. BottomMargin="0"
      5. Important: Do not set any values for Left and Right margins on this section, let it be the default values whatever they are set to the whole book.
  3. That is it. 


  • The cover page should cover the only one page. We did not test multi-page cover pages. 
  • The default margins should be set to 1 or some other value for the whole book. 

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