How to Save Document in Different Formats?

This tutorial will talk you through the following:

  • How to save documents in Microsoft Word
  • How to save documents in Adobe PDF

Let's get started

You can use any tutorial for this "How to" article, but just in case, we have prepared this "Step 7" example that have all necessary files. 
In Step 7 we have added just one file




The budget book file.

Document Formats

The Budget in Brief application does not need Microsoft Office or Adobe Tools to generate final documents. 

To generate a document in your preferred format you just need to select the correct file format and click the Create Document button. 

Figure 1

In this example, we have generated two documents: one in Microsoft Word and another in Adobe PDF format. 

Figure 2

You can open the PDF file using a free Adobe Reader that can be downloaded here:

Figure 3

Microsoft Word documents could be opened with a version of Microsoft Office that can be found here:; or you could use the free version of Microsoft Office Live for your personal usage at



Figure 4 


Thank you again

Big thank you to the City of Dallas Texas! You can find the original City of Dallas Texas - 2003 Budget In Brief document in the Originals folder, in our case it is "S:\Step 1\Originals". You may also visit the City of Dallas budget page at this URL:

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