How to use Cover Pages?

This tutorial will talk you through the following:

  • How to use a Cover page
  • How to generate different multiple documents using same contents

Let's get started

Save the "Step 6" example to your local hard drive. In our case we have used "S:\" disk

In Step 6, we have added a few more files to our example.




The budget book file without Cover Page  attribute,,,

The budget book files with Cover Page  attributes

Narratives\Publication Information.docx

Publication Information

Narratives\City of Dallas Profile.docx

City of Dallas Profile

Templates\Cover Page A.docx,

Templates\Cover Page B.docx,

Templates\Cover Page C.docx,

Templates\Cover Page D.docx

Different cover pages


Cover Pages

In general, cover pages don't have headers or footers, or page numbers. Sometimes, cover pages are required to have certain elements, these are based on internal organizational standards and practices. In some cases big documents may even have separate cover pages for each chapter. Organizational policies and identities are endless. And we are proud to give you this powerful tool to manage your documents.

In this sample, we have created a few cover pages and saved them in the "Templates" folder. Please take a look at them, and hey, do not forget to make some changes, have a little fun. The rule of thumb is that a cover page should fit to one page.

We have also created a set of files, where the main section has document wide settings for the margins and the footer has page numbers.

  <SectionName="Main Document Section"
           FooterPath="Templates\Footer - Page Numbers.docx">
    <!--Child Sections -->

One of the budget book files, the has a cover page section but does not have CoverPage attribute 

    <Section  Name="Cover Page"
              NodePath="Templates\Cover Page A.docx"

When you generate a document it would include a footer with the page number on the cover page.

Note: There might be cases when a document should have numbers on the cover page, in those situations please add a cover page section where you have planned too, and set CoverPage attribute to "false".

Figure 1

All other files will include a cover page attribute. For instance, the file would have the CoverPage attribute set to "true".


    <Section  Name="Cover Page"
              NodePath="Templates\Cover Page A.docx"


When you generate a document, it will not have a footer on the cover page.

Figure 2

However, the following section will have page numbers.

Figure 3

Note: We recommend using only one cover page in your document, if you are using an older version of MS Word or PDF because they may not recognize multiple cover pages.

The and the budget books will have different types of cover pages and the will only have the Capital Improvements section.

As you have already noticed, with the Budget In Brief application, you can generate multiple different documents all using the same contents. It is a very powerful feature that allows you to ensure the quality of the contents and allows you to reuse your contents in a different formulation processes.

Thank you again

Big thank you to the City of Dallas Texas! You can find the original City of Dallas Texas - 2003 Budget In Brief document in the Originals folder, in our case it is "S:\Step 1\Originals". You may also visit the City of Dallas budget page at this URL:

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