How to Set Same Margins across the Document?

This tutorial will talk you through the following:

  • How to set Default margins
  • How to change margin for some of the document sections

Let's get started

Save the "Step 5" example to your local hard drive. In our case we have used "S:\" disk.

In Step 5 we have added a few more files to our example.




The Budget book file. The main file for this tutorial

Narratives\Budget Formulation Calendar.docx

The Budget Formulation Calendar document

Default Margins

It may be true that you have collected many narratives and many more related budget documents from different departments, and have found that some of the files have different margins. Going over all of the files would be very time consuming. To help you there, the Budget In Brief application allows you to specify default margins for the whole document.

  <!--Default document margins set to 1  -->
  <SectionName="Main Document Section"

Every other section under the Main Document Section will inherit and use the default settings

Different Margins

To give you greater flexibility, we have also made it so you can assign specific margins to specific sections. Below in the example, you will see that the "City Manager Letter" margin is set to three (3) inches and that the following "Organization of the Total Budget" section is back to its original default settings, inherited from the "Main Document Section".

    <!--Following sections have margins set to 2 -->
    <Section  Name="City Manager Letter"
              NodePath="Narratives\City Manager Letter.docx"
              FooterPath="Templates\Footer - Page Numbers.docx"
    <!--Following section would use default values -->
    <Section  Name="Organization of the Total Budget"
              NodePath="Narratives\Organization of the Total Budget.docx"
              FooterPath="Templates\Footer - Page Numbers.docx"/>


Let's try it


  1. Start the Budget In Brief application. Go through the Step 1 Tutorial if you need help on how to do this.
  2. Select "S:\Step 5\" and click the "Create Document" button.

Figure 1

  1. Open the newly created budget document, “City of Dallas Texas Budget In Brief.docx”.
  2. Check to see that the section has two (2) inch margins.

Figure 2

  1. Notice that the other sections still have the one inch default margin

Figure 3

Thank you again

Big thank you to the City of Dallas Texas! You can find the original City of Dallas Texas - 2003 Budget In Brief document in the Originals folder, in our case it is "S:\Step 1\Originals". You may also visit the City of Dallas budget page at this URL:

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