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Very small space imprint. Application can run from USB memory stick.

A Windows Application

Command Line Tool

Friendly UI with integrated help

No need for the installation. Copy and paste or carry application with you on USB.

Does not require Microsoft Office or Open Office suites.  Budget In Brief does it all.

Extended event messaging

Error and process reporting 

Ability to browse through the all generated artifacts

Ability to merge documents from different formats into the single budget document

Enforces consistent document formatting for documents received from numerous sources

Supports tables, charts, and different media content

Automatically calculates a table of contents 

Allows multiple ways to create the table of contents

Automatically calculates page numbers 

Default document margins

Customizable margins per document section

Enforces the default document header or footer

Provides ability to manage headers and footer for each individual section 

Predefined budget book name

Ability to add watermarks

Ability to start section on an odd page  

Support for multiple cover pages

Control what you want to generate: the data, the exhibits only, or the whole book.


Document Templates

Supports custom document templates  

Support for cover page templates 

Support for header or footer templates 

Control the document's look and feel with the style template

Numbers In Narratives

Supports Numbers in Narratives

Supports multiple reference files 

Control order in which references are applied

Allows to use an extra reference files

Extract references from the crosswalks


Extract references from data files.


File Formats

Support for different document file formats: ODT, DOC, DOCX, Open Office XML, RFT, HTML, XML, Word XML, Word 2003 XML.

Output formats: DOCX, Microsoft Word 2007-2010; Adobe PDF.

Exhibits and Reports

Support for hard linking to the exhibit documents

Automated exhibit generation.


Use existing XSLT transformation scripts that produce HTML


Working with data

Imports data extracts in XML format from any data storage


Support for any type of data: strings, text, money, numbers, etc.


Use your existing Microsoft Excel crosswalks. Just add a named ranges and you're good to go.


Link to data directly from your narratives or other context documents


Consolidate data from multiple data files


Link values from excel spreadsheets, or data files, to Narratives


Support for control numbers


Fund spreading on desires level of details


Effortlessly introduce data dimensions


Inject attributes in to any dimension


Spread cost by different dimensions


Association of the same data elements with different dimensions


Extensive list of the supported excel formulas to aggregate the values and perform calculations.


Use pre calculated values or perform XSLT roll up


Enterprise Solution Integration

Optimized for servers

Open to solution integrators: Open book format; Open reference format; Open exhibit format; Open data format; Open XSLT transformation;

Full budget book processing cycle

Document processing automation

Assembly of highly complex budget documents

Increased data quality

Ready for incorporation with the Distributed Build Management and Continuous Integration tools 

Supports content management integration and version control system transparency 

Simplifies the rollover process 

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