The Numbers in Narratives Enterprise Solution or Can I references the data directly in my crosswalks?

This tutorial will talk you through the following:

  • References in crosswalks
  • References in data files
  • References in reference files
  • How to reference data in crosswalks
  • How to use references in Exhibit top or bottom part

Numbers in Narratives

In our Quick Step Tutorials Step 8, we have already discussed the "Numbers in Narratives". If you have not tried the Numbers in Narratives tutorial yet, we suggest that you review it before proceeding with crosswalk based references.

The Budget In Brief Enterprise Edition extends the Numbers in Narratives functionality, with additional ways to reference numbers in your narratives.

To define a reference in the crosswalk you need to give a name to the particular cell on the crosswalk, the cell name must start with the "REF_" prefix.

In our example we have created three references in the "Funds.xlsx" crosswalk:

  • REF_CYGeneralFundTotal - is the reference for the G14 cell that has a formula which, calculates the General Fund total balance amount for the current budget year.
  • REF_CYCommunityWorksReserve – is the reference for the G4 cell that has the balance amount, for the current budget year, for the General Fund Statutory Community Works Reserve
  • REF_CYEquipmentDepreciationReserve - is the reference for the G6 cell that has the balance amount, for the current budget year, for the General Fund Statutory Equipment Depreciation Reserve

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

In our narrative documents we have included all three references.

Figure 4

In addition, we have updated the narrative and exhibit top part with the reference to "Fiscal year" stored in the "Data\budget.reference" file

Figure 5

After we run the Budget In Brief application and create the document, the final document will have; the Fiscal Year, the General Fund Total Balance, the Community Works Reserve, and the Equipment Depreciation Reserve with reference values set appropriately across the document.

Figure 6

Figure 7

Note: References from data files will be applied before any other references listed in the book. Then the references from multiple reference files will be applied in an order in which, reference files are specified in the budget book file.


While you are in the budget committee meeting, directly from your laptop, save the changes to your crosswalks, click the “Create Document” button, and look at the budget book with the refreshed numbers in the narratives and refreshed exhibits.

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