Evolution of the book generation process

The book generation process in Budget In Brief Professional Edition, will repeat through all the book sections and assemble all section documents into the final book document.

Figure 1

There is great deal of flexibility, all of which that allows you to create many kinds of books, and with a little creativity,  create the books that will be parts of other bigger volumes.

As an evolution of the process in the Budget In Brief Enterprise Edition, we include additional steps to prepare data, iterate through all section elements, generate exhibits, and assemble all specified section documents into the final book.

Figure 2

As you can see, the extra steps allow users to integrate the data into the book construction process and stream line the data changes for delivery to the final book. 

Their flexibility becomes even greater. For instance, change a certain amount in the crosswalk; save the file, click create document button and your changes will appear in all exhibits and all the references across the book. Now you can manipulate data, and as a result get the exhibit documents, which can be consumed by multiple books. Create books with the latest data, without manually massaging source documents, or produce exhibits from different sets of data, like the same exhibit for the different departments of your organization.

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