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Tuesday, January 25, 2011 6:29:00 PM

This is the second article about the Budget in Brief enterprise integration. Please read our earlier blog post about configuring the Team City and Subversion to get yourself up to the speed.  

In this post we will show you how to integrate the Microsoft Office Live online collaboration tools and integrate the SkyDrive into the Enterprise Environment.

Figure 1

The Budget In Brief application is configured on the Team City server, where it compiles the budget book; when the process is done, the book is checked back into SkyDrive for the users to review.

How to set it up  

Go to and login to your online Windows Office Account.  

Create an appropriate folder structure.

Upload the book files. 

Create DOCX documents or upload the existing documents in to the appropriate folders.

Figure 2

Navigate to a DOCX file and click "Open in Word"

Figure 3

The document will open in Microsoft Word.

To find out the actual location of the document, select the "Save As" option in the Microsoft Word.

The Save As window will open.

Copy the URL listed at the top in the address bar. This will be the web URL that we will use to map hard drive letter on your computer to the SkyDrive. 

Figure 4

Note: Microsoft SkyDrive is free online storage from Microsoft for sharing the Office documents and photos  

At this point, we assume that you have tried our earlier blog post about configuring the Team City and Subversion. We will skip a few screen shoots here and simply tell you that the next step is the configuration of the build script, which could be located even in the Subversion or this build script could be located locally on the server where the team City Build Agent was installed.

Change the MS Build Script to include the section for network drive mapping and the section to perform the XCOPY command

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
Project DefaultTargets="BuildDBUnitTests" xmlns="" ToolsVersion="3.5">
<Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\ExtensionPack\MSBuild.ExtensionPack.tasks"/>
<Target Name="BuildDBUnitTests">
<Exec Command="net use N: &quot; Demo/&quot; password /"/>
<Exec Command="xcopy /EFRYI N:\ &quot;$(teamcity_build_checkoutDir)\ARINew&quot;"/>
<Exec Command="C:\BiB\bibc.exe &quot;$(teamcity_build_checkoutDir)\ARINew&quot; &quot;$(teamcity_build_checkoutDir)\ARINew\; /outputfolder &quot;$(teamcity_build_checkoutDir)\Draft&quot; /outputfile &quot;ARIUseCase&quot;"/>


That is the all configuration needed.

Go to Team City and run the build as we did in the our prior blog.


Fully automated life cycle process run on the server: the data is shared online; the user contributes with online tools and do not need a local Microsoft Office installation on his computer; the online SkyDrive technology ensures the safety of the valuable data and controls the access; the distributed build management and continuous integration server runs an automated process; the Budget In Brief application creates the book; the Artifacts are uploaded back to the SkyDrive for review by the distinguished users. 

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