Installation Guide

Are you a computer geek? Most likely your organization's IT department gave you no rights to your own computer. In fact you might be a CIO at home and you fix all computer problems for family members, or maybe that's what your kids do. But who needs a computer geek?

We have created two simple ways to install Budget In Brief in a few seconds:

  1. Installation - A few clicks and you will install the Budget In Brief application. This also adds a shortcut to your Start menu and your desktop. This is the simplest way to install the application.
  2. File Copy - extract archive with Budget In Brief application and command line tools in to any folder you like on your computer. This approach is recommended for advance users and for server deployments.   

Note: All you need is the ability to copy files around and the ability to start programs.

Let's Start from Installing Quick Steps Tutorials:

When you get Budget In Brief for the first time we recommend you to get Quick Step tutorials as well:

  1. Download latest version of Quick Steps Tutorials from our download page; 
  2. Open downloaded QuickStepsTutorials_*.zip archive. Please note that the number represents latest build;
  3. Extract all tutorials;
  4. Visit Quick Steps Tutorials page for explanation on how to use them; 



Install Budget In Brief


Go to download page and click on "Click Here to install Budget In Brief …" link


Figure 1

On the security warning window click Run button

Figure 2

Click Run button  

Figure 3

Make sure you have downloaded application from the domain. And click the Install button

Installation will begin.  

Figure 5

When installation is done Application will launch.

Figure 6

Please review EULA Agreement and click Accept. This window will appear only once.

Figure 7

Application will start.

Figure 8

You are done with installation!

Note: The installation package does not include command line tools. If you would like to run the application on a server please follow the Copy and Paste instructions listed below. 



Copy Paste Budget In Brief


Download the latest version of the Budget In Brief software.


Figure 9

Save archive to your local drive.

Figure 9-a

Open ZIP archive and extract BudgetInBrief*.exe file.

Figure 10

Start BudgetInBrief*.exe file.

Figure 11

Budget In Brief application will be extracted in to BudgetInBrief folder and will be ready to use.

Figure 12

Figure 13

Navigate to BudgetInBrief folder and click on BudgetInBrief.exe file to start Budget In Brief application.

You are done!

To get yourself up to speed, go back to documentation page and check those samples which you downloaded earlier.

Note: You can copy BudgetInBrief folder to anywhere on your computer.

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