I carry my budget on the memory stick 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 5:29:00 PM

Today, most computers on the market support USB storage devices.   

There are thousands of different USB storage devices on the market. There are different sizes, shapes, usages, toy like appearances, non-destroyable (or at list very durable), marketing samples, camouflaged, or just a plain looking thumb stick. Fashion, more than anything else, drives the appearance in this market. But the primary uses are all rotate around data storage and transport.

The Budget In Brief application can easily fit on even the smallest USB drive. It does not need installation, does not require Microsoft Office, and can run on any windows computer that has the required Microsoft.NET framework.

You can carry your budget project together with the Budget In Brief application on the USB drive and generate budget documents when and where you need them.

These are just a few scenarios:

  • Leave your laptop at home and take the budget project with you;
  • Give the public part of your project to your prospects, give them flexibility, give them the tools and they will get back to you. Our fully featured evaluation timeframe is on your side.
  • Use the latest Budget In Brief application on the authorized, secure, premises where you can not normally take your laptop;
  • Give the whole project to your employees, or peers, without giving them the password to your computer;

In real business life there are many more scenarios, everyone who buys USB Flash drive will have their own.

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