How to Install License?

To continue, you will need to have a Budget In Brief license key. You can obtain your own Budget In Brief Professional Edition or a Budget In Brief Enterprise Edition License Key from our Store or from one of the Budget In Brief Authorized Distributors.

To install the license follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Help" menu
  2. Select the "Enter License Key…" menu
  3. The "Install Budget In Brief License" dialog box will open
  4. Enter the License Key
  5. Click the OK button 

Figure 1

  1. You will get the successful license installation confirmation message 

Figure 2

  1. Congratulation, you are done!

Thank you for purchasing the Budget In Brief.

License Installation Issues

If you get the License error, click OK button, and repeat the above mentioned steps. Please make sure that you have entered the license key correctly. The best way is to copy the license key from the email or an attachment file that you have received from the Budget In Brief or the Budget In Brief Authorized Distributors.

Figure 3

To buy the Budget In Brief license please visit our Store or a store for one of the Budget In Brief Authorized Distributors.

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