We recommend for everyone to upgrade to the latest version 1.3.661.257

Please click on one of the links below to start download:

     Click to Install Budget In Brief application 
     ( link will launch the application setup wizard on your computer )


     Budget In Brief application with Command Line Tools 
     ( link will download ZIP archive which you can save to a server or a USB memory stick )


Samples and Tutorials 

     Download Quick Steps Tutorials

     Download Exhibit Generation Tutorials

     Download Samples (City of Nanaimo Budget Project)


User Manuals and Documentation

     Download User Manual (PDF document)



Majority of the computers will have all required components. If you found yourself in the situation when your computer does not have some of the components, please follow links below.  

     Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer)  (download from the Microsoft servers)


Beta Versions

From time to time we might publish beta versions of Budget In Brief tools. If you are downloading the beta release, please note that by nature beta releases could be unstable and should not be used in projects where your data is important. Please backup your data before upgrading to a beta release. To hear about the latest releases you can follow our twitter profile.

     BETA    BudgetInBrief Beta Version 1.4.704.391  (Introducing: diagnostics, new book attributes, online content, UI improvements and more...) 


Note: If you see message 'Internet explorer cannot display the web page' when you try to download a file, make sure your networking policies (enforced by your company) allows downloading of a ZIP, EXE, and MSI files. 

Professional and Enterprise

The Professional and the Enterprise editions are bundled together in to the one package. The appropriate edition will be activated base on the installed license.

How the 90 Days Trial Works

For the first 90 days of the trial period, the Budget In Brief application will function just like the full-working Enterprise edition.

After 90 days, you would need to purchase and install the license.

If license is not installed after trial period, the Budget In Brief application will still provide the Professional edition functionality with the exception that output document will be generated in PDF format only and will have the license expiration watermark on every page.

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